It was one of those hot in-middle-of-a-heat-wave days were grandma jokes she’s going to cook eggs on the side walk for breakfast before she sends us all outside into the sweltering playground that is our neighborhood with the usual advice stay out of trouble and check back in.  It takes us four hours to play baseball with the interruptions of the late workers going to their 9 am jobs at 10:15, the lost balls and bad calls and the sound of firecrackers from five blocks over (suddenly everyone decides to do a check in or needs to use the bathroom).
Flyboy, from five blocks over, comes stumbling over when us kids are all back outside holding his side, I’m on the Johnson’s stoop, Little Jimmy, who really is too big to be a little anything, makes good on a promise he made two months ago and starts whacking Flyboy (Flyboy’s always owing somebody money) and he thumps him harder when he thinks Flyboy has cut him (Little Jimmy’s fist are bloody) but that’s when M and M, the twins who really aren’t twins but just act like they are, start to scream and some of us kids finally notice the trail of blood Flyboy’s creating.  All at once two boys peel Little Jimmy off of Flyboy, grandmas and stay at home moms stick their heads out of opened windows and doors and everybody watches Flyboy crumble to the ground…from two stray firecrackers and before anything is done it dawns on us that our block isn’t the only block that is hot.
You have read one of my Creative Writing prompts.  The purpose was to tell a story in a few lines it is suppose to be one line but…I’m a beginner. 🙂

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