Message Note 002

People Perception:

By now anyone that was remotely interested in this survey and the data collect is probably over it.  Sorry for that.  I’ll post the raw data with no literature review but I will offer some points of discussion.


The Evolution and Stagnation of Stereotypes: 

My new interest. 🙂  I want to do a paper, starting December, on the evolution of stereotypes how faulty it is to rely on them today.  It will be a literature review primarily.  I plan to divide the paper based on gender and then by race/ethnicity.  I’ve already started collecting data but school work comes first.  I’ll start with the ladies first and move on to the men.  So be on the look.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Message Note 002

  1. This sounds like a great idea for a paper, Anna. Thank you for doing research on something that we all need to understand better and be fully aware of. Good luck! Steph

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