Message Note 004

I think I have finally figured out what I want this blog to be about and with that a few things will be leaving.  I will focus more on creative writing and would love to have feedback on the writing. I plan on expanding the immigrant diary into a series of stories based upon personal experiences as well as that of others.  I want to add more of my art work and maybe a few book reviews.

Thank you.



Message Note 001

I promise to post my findings from that survey by the end of August.  It’s so hard doing the report because I know how faulty the survey was.  I just want to scrap it but I can’t.  People’s Perception was to explore the stereotypes of black and Asian women but it never really got there for one it came mostly a “recognize and who would you rather” kind of thing.  But my word is good I’ll put it up…eventually. 🙂